Around 20 million people are said to volunteer in the UK at least once a year – contributing around £24 billion to the economy. 

According to the UK Civil Society report for 2019 nearly four in 10 people formally volunteered in 2017/18. 

But around seven in 10 of those, who took part in a 'Time Well Spent survey', had volunteered at some point in their lives. 

When you choose to volunteer for Wales Air Ambulance you become part of a wonderful team with the aim of raising money to keep our four red helicopters flying across Wales. Whether you're wanting to try something new, or utilise your existing skills there is something for everyone.


So what do people get out of volunteering?

Of course, one of the main reasons people volunteer is that they want to give something to a cause they truly believe in. By joining Wales Air Ambulance, you’ll be joining a band of volunteers who are equally passionate about being part of such a crucial charity.