Last year, we spent time developing a new strategy for our Charity.

This was vital for us. Why? Last year marked our 20th anniversary and it was important to review the rapid evolution of Wales Air Ambulance over the past two decades and acknowledge our current position as a prominent and respected Welsh Charity. We also recognised that the global COVID-19 pandemic may have a significant and lasting impact on our financial and social behaviours which could change the way people support us in the future.

Our 2021-2026 Strategy takes into account these new pressures and demands, as well as embracing new advancements in emergency care. In addition, we will constantly monitor our data to make sure that we deliver the most efficient and effective service for everyone in Wales.

By undertaking a strategy review at this crucial point in time, we have recognised the need to build on our successes, ensuring that the building blocks for another next twenty years of service are in place.

What was my contribution to the new strategy?

Early in 2021, we asked you for your opinions about Wales Air Ambulance through our supporter and volunteer surveys. What you told us was consistent and clear. 

  • You are passionate about your local community.
  • Wales Air Ambulance has an important and specific role within your community.
  • You want future generations to be a part of, and to benefit from, our Charity.
  • You recognise and value the strong Welsh identity of our Charity.
  • You want regular community-focused engagement and content, along with information about our Charity and the services that we offer.

What did you do with my feedback?

Through your answers, you have played a major part in shaping our future.

We took your valuable feedback and, along with a significant volume of internal and external research carried out by colleagues across the Charity, we have created eight focused programmes that make up our new strategy. Each programme has a specific objective and we hope you can see where your feedback has become vital to our future plans.

The eight programmes are as follows:

Youth Engagement – We want to deliver insightful youth engagement initiatives to impart knowledge, charity awareness, values and encourage future support

Sustainability – We will demonstrate a long-term commitment to ethical practice, champion a green agenda and uphold our shared responsibility for future generations.

Retail – We will operate a retail portfolio that strikes the right balance between generating income and preserving community presence.

Income – We will ensure that we can continue to deliver our lifesaving service by cultivating, developing and maintaining a diverse portfolio of sustainable income streams.

Digital and Technology – We want to be a technology-enabled organisation that puts communication and connectivity at its heart.

People – We will be a supportive organisation for our employees. We will foster an inclusive and collaborative culture that values contributions, provides equality of opportunity, enables everyone to reach their potential, and ensures that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

Service Delivery – We will continue to enable the delivery of 24/7 emergency department standard care to you, the people of Wales, wherever and whenever it is needed. We will also ensure that the service is delivered in the most cost-effective manner, maximising the impact of your donations across the whole of Wales. Our Charity will always proactively seek out opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes.

Integrity and Transparency – We will repay the trust that you, the people of Wales, have placed in us by adopting the highest ethical standards, embedding sustainability and value for money in all that we do.

Present through every single programme will be our commitment to our Welsh Identity. We will always recognise the unique relationship that we have with you while celebrating our national identity and ensuring our activities reflect the needs of all the different communities that we serve. One of the core values of Welsh Identity is inclusiveness – we are here for everyone within our country who needs our help.

What happens next?

Under each programme will be a series of projects that will help us achieve everything we have just referenced. These projects are currently being developed and, in future editions of Helimeds, we will keep you updated as to what we have planned and how you can get involved. This is an exciting time for our Charity and you are at the very heart of everything we do. Thank you for your passionate support.