Barry’s design effortlessly fuses the vibrant spirit of Swansea with the raw energy of graffiti. Bursting with creativity, the sculpture showcases a captivating graffiti style in a striking colour palette of red, black, and white. It skilfully captures the essence of Swansea, encapsulating its rich cultural heritage. From the immortal words of Dylan Thomas to the indomitable spirit of Swansea City FC, and even the haunting memories of the devastating Swansea Blitz, this design weaves together the city's diverse narratives, inviting viewers on an immersive journey through time and emotion. This castle is a magnificent ode to Swansea's past, present, and future.


Created by Barry John

Barry John MBE served in the British Armed Forces for over 23 years and was awarded an MBE in the 2010 New Years Honours List. As well as serving his country, Barry is an established artist (mainly an abstract artist). Through his work, Barry expresses stories, memories, demons, harsh and sometimes brutal truths, and the beauty, colours and resilience of a conflicted world.

The experiences he has had during his service have formed most of the content of his art.

Sponsored by Swansea BID

Swansea BID is an exciting initiative developed by the business community in Swansea city centre. Since its establishment in 2006 and successful ballots in 2011, 2016, and 2021, it has demonstrated a shared ambition to enhance the city centre. Swansea BID is dedicated to implementing key ideas, initiatives, and investments that help improve the BID area making it a better to shop, visit, study, stay and doing business.

Castle location - Nelson Street, Swansea