Melody’s design celebrates the inclusivity of Wales, and that the Celtic nation is a sanctuary for all. Around the base of the castle, people sprint and jump for joy, celebrating their country with flags, daffodils and leeks. Diversity is shown through the various races and disabilities of the subjects. As a strong emblem for Wales, the Welsh dragon ties the design together and instead of fire, Melody opted for a rainbow of equality.

Sponsored by Gower College Swansea

Gower College Swansea is a large further education college with over 4,500 full time and 8,000 part time learners, including 3,000 apprentices. The College operates from 7 locations across Swansea. The success and reputation of the College has to date been largely built on its high quality of teaching and learning.


Created by Melody Angel

Melody is a student at Llwyn y Bryn College, Uplands, which is part of Gower College Swansea. It is her goal to study concept art and illustration at university, further developing her love for art. As well as being an exceptional artist, Melody is a talented musician who writes her own songs, sings, plays cello and classical guitar.

Castle location - Quadrant Shopping Centre