1. These Terms and Conditions are the rules of the Raffle. By entering the Raffle you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any Raffle entry and participation instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions. Any entries not complying with these Terms and Conditions will not be valid.
  2. By playing the Charity Raffle, participants help contribute to funding the charity’s work, enabling it to deliver lifesaving, advanced medical care to people across Wales.
  3. The Raffle is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 gamblingcommission.gov.uk
    1. Licence number 000-004829-N309733-010
  4. The Charity wishes to conduct its Raffle in a fair and socially responsible way, and to endorse responsible gambling. We will review the terms and conditions six monthly as well as updating them as required by law from time to time.
  5. The responsible persons are James Stephens and Mark Stevens who may be contacted at the address on this page. The responsible persons are not eligible to play the Charity Raffle.
  6. Each chance in the raffle cost £1, with a maximum of 100 entries per Raffle.
  7. Only those tickets for which payment has been received are eligible for entry into the Draw. All those eligible will have an equal chance to win a prize. The identity of the person entering the Raffle must be clear on all Raffle tickets and/or response slips. Any ticket entries received which cannot be identified to an individual will not be entered into the draw and will be treated as a donation.
  8. Any monies for tickets that are over the maximum limit; over the entry total; or returned after 28th July 2023 will not be entered but will be processed instead as a donation.
  9. To enter the draw, you must be aged 18 years of age or over. As of 25th June 2021, in line with the National Lottery, Wales Air Ambulance will not knowingly sell raffle chances to any individual under the age of 18 years. The Charity will, where appropriate, carry out checks to verify this requirement, if necessary, including seeking confirmation from relevant agencies that can provide such information.
  10. Should a prize winner be found to be under the age of 18 we will refund their money and withhold the prize, additionally the charity reserves the right to reclaim any prizes issued in error. Prizes are not transferable.
  11. Winners are selected at random via their unique ticket number. Ticket numbers can be found on both raffle stubs and main part of the ticket, and if ordered through the charity’s website – by enquiring at: [email protected] and quoting your unique confirmation number provided at point of purchase.
  12. Results will be drawn on 8th August 2023 and we will attempt to contact winners by phone, where a number has been provided, on the same day. Where a phone number is not provided, we will then attempt to contact by email, then post within 14 days of the draw date. We reserve the right to withdraw winners who we have been unable to contact and select another winner.
  13. Full list of winners will be available on the walesairambulance.com website from 8th August 2023.
  14. The total prize fund will be 9% of total proceeds up to a maximum of £3,800 per draw.
  15. Raffle responses are processed in-house by staff employed by Wales Air Ambulance.
  16. Entry is open to all residents of the UK (including the Charity‘s volunteers) but excludes: The Charity Trustees or Directors; or the Charity employees or third parties each directly involved in the administration or management of the Raffle, or with the ability to influence the Raffle results, including members of the same household.
  17. The draw takes place at Wales Air Ambulance Ty Elusen, Ffordd Angel, Llanelli Gate, Dafen SA14 8LQ. The winning tickets will be randomly selected by a supervised person who is neutral to the charity. Two back-up numbers will be drawn for each prize. This is in case any winners don’t come forth within 10 working days of the draw. The results of the draw are final.
  18. Winners have to acknowledge their prize in order to claim. Winners will receive their prize by cheque or bank transfer in the post no later than twenty working days after the draw has taken place, addressed to the details of the player held by charity on the day of the draw.
  19. Any uncashed or unclaimed prizes will be deemed as a donation to the Charity after the period of six months.
  20. The Charity reserves the right to postpone any raffle draw for a period of no longer than fourteen days; in the event of an emergency. Details of any postponement will appear on the charity website walesairambulance.com
  21. The Charity (the Licensee) reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend the Raffle in whole or in part in the Licensee's sole discretion.
  22. Subject to clause 21, the Licensee shall not be liable for:
    1. Raffle entries or communications which are lost, stolen or delayed in the post, damaged or illegible, from which the prize winner or entrant cannot be identified or which have insufficient postage (proof of posting is not proof of receipt);
    2. the Licensee's failure or inability to contact you and/or award any prize due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact or bank details you have provided or your failure to update these if they change;
    3. loss or damage incurred by you in connection with your participation in the Raffle or your use of any prize;
    4. any interruptions or errors on or to the Website;
    5. technical hardware or software errors or failures or lost, faulty or unavailable network connections; or
    6. any failure or delay beyond the Licensee's reasonable control.
  23. If we are notified that a participant in the raffle is deceased, the charity will use all reasonable efforts to contact the personal representatives or executors of the entrant to establish their wishes in relation to any unclaimed prizes. If the charity is not able to contact the personal representatives or executors of the entrant, it will hold the funds for six months from the date we became aware the entrant was deceased. After this time, the funds will be deemed a donation to the charity.
  24. The personal representatives or executors may contact the charity to claim the funds at any time during the six month period and, as long as they can provide any information the charity reasonably requires, the charity will then refund the funds. No interest will be payable in respect of monies refunded.
  25. The Charity will comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR) requirements along with our data protection policy and procedures to protect your personal data.
  26. The exact likelihood of winning a prize in the raffle is dependent on the eventual number of participants and will therefore change each draw. We estimate the chance of a single ticket winning any prize in the Raffle is roughly 1:16,667
  27. All profits from the raffle are used to fund the charity’s work.
  28. The Charity reserves the right to make changes to these rules and will publish any changes 28 days in advance on the charity website, as required by law.
  29. Winners will be invited to take part in publicity to promote the Raffle, however this is not a precondition of entering the draw and the winner reserves the right to anonymity.


Problem Gambling

Whilst we’d love as many people as possible to support us by playing the Wales Air Ambulance Summer Raffle, helping members of the public gamble in a responsible way is even more important. Please make sure you bear the following in mind:

  1. Gambling should be entertaining and not seen as a way of making money
  2. Avoid chasing losses
  3. Only gamble what you can afford to lose
  4. Keep track of the time and amount you spend gambling
  5. If you need to talk to someone about problem gambling then contact GamCare. GamCare is a registered charity that provides confidential telephone support and counselling to anyone who is affected by problem gambling. GamCare can be contacted confidentially on their helpline on 0808 8020 133. You can also visit the GamCare website for more information and advice. gamcare.org.uk
  6. Please contact [email protected] to let us know if you wish to be excluded from receiving any marketing regarding gambling products from the charity.


Responsible Person/s and Promoter: James Stephens and Mark Stevens


Registered Address: Wales Air Ambulance Ty Elusen, Ffordd Angel, Llanelli Gate, Dafen SA14 8LQ


Charity Registration Number: 1083645

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