Wales Air Ambulance was out in support of the LGBT community at Pride Cymru this weekend, and a viral tweet from the parade has raised lifesaving donations to help WAA fund its missions across Wales.

During Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend, Wales Air Ambulance decorated their aircraft with rainbow stickers and took part in the Pride Cymru parade through Cardiff City centre.

The charity’s mock helicopter was decorated with a unique rainbow dragon tail designed especially for the Pride celebrations and a Wales Air Ambulance volunteer dressed up as the charity’s mascot, Elliecopter, to take part in the march through the capital.

Businesses, charities and organisations turned out in support of Pride Cymru, and Wales Air Ambulance live-tweeted the event.

After sharing a photo of Elliecopter with the South Wales Police’s mascot, the Welsh helicopter charity received a series of tweets from one user regarding its presence at Pride Cymru. The charity replied to reinforce its values of equality and diversity, and that Wales Air Ambulance is here for everyone in Wales.

The tweet went viral, and as a result many have donated to the Welsh helicopter charity, raising £200 to help fund their operations across Wales.

Every year Wales Air Ambulance needs to raise £6.5 million to keep its four helicopters flying across Wales, with each mission funded by kind donations.

If you would like to make a lifesaving donations, click here: