A 24/7 Air Ambulance Service for Wales

From 1 December 2020, the Wales Air Ambulance Charity will introduce a helicopter that will operate overnight, seven days a week. This means that Wales now has a 24/7 air ambulance operation. 

It has always been the vision of the Wales Air Ambulance to offer a 24/7 service. The new service will ensure that pre-hospital critical care is available Wales-wide 24 hours a day.

To deliver a 24/7 service we need to raise £8 million every year. With your support, we can maintain a 24/7 service.

Our vision has become a reality:

Launched on St. David’s Day 2001, the Wales Air Ambulance (WAA) Charity is the official air ambulance service for Wales. We provide air cover to relieve illness and injury across the country.

WAA is the only air ambulance charity based in, and dedicated to, Wales and we rely entirely on donations to keep the helicopters flying.

Our Charity has four helicopters in total. The operations in Caernarfon, Welshpool and Llanelli are focused on 999 emergencies.

In addition to the three aircraft mentioned above, a specialist transfer helicopter operates from Cardiff Heliport supporting inter-hospital transfers over distances longer than one-hour by road. Known as the Children’s Wales Air Ambulance, it assists neonatal and paediatric transfer teams, however, it is also used for the transfer of adults.

All our medical crews across Wales are coordinated by the Critical Care Hub, based at the Welsh Ambulance Service Clinical Contact Centre in Cwmbran and staffed by a clinical dispatch team.