We are grateful to everyone who would like to make a donation.

However, we are unable to accept certain donations for health and safety reasons.

Some of the items include:

  • Electrical items - showers, blankets, sunbeds/tanning equipment, selected refrigerators, waste disposal units or power tools without instructions.
  • Household/Furniture - Upholstered furniture without a fire label or in poor condition, furniture with missing parts or damage which makes them unsafe, damaged veneer wood furniture, or candles without instructions for us.
  • Heating and cooking - Gas appliances - mains or bottled, ovens with glass doors, oil filled radiators without thermostats, hardwired storage heaters, or mobile oil heaters.
  • Sports and safety equipment - Bicycles deemed unsafe on inspection, buoyancy aids, inflatable water sports equipment, crash helmets, safety harnesses, or fire-fighting equipment.
  • Children's equipment -  Toys without a CE mark, car seats, cots, carrycots and playpens, and highchairs. Some prams/pushchairs/ buggies may not be accepted following a safety check.
  • Software and hardware - Home recorded videos,  DVDs, video games or audio tapes.
  • Other - opened personal appliances, including shavers and foot spas. Used duvets and pillows. Perishable goods, cleaning agents, real fur products or fuelled garden tools.