Coffee and Cake

Celebrate our 23rd birthday by signing up to our brand-new and exciting event, Coffee and Cake. 

The beauty of this event is that it is open to everyone, and you can host your party at a time that suits you.

Get together with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and host your very own Coffee and Cake party during the month of March.


Makes 10-12 cakes | Prep 10 minutes  | Cook 4-5 minutes each

8oz / 220g self raising flour

2oz / 55g caster sugar

4oz / 110g margarine or butter

1 or 2 handfuls of sultanas

1 or 2 free-range eggs depending on mixture


01 Sieve flour into bowl, then add margarine or butter, rub in finely together.

02 Add sugar and sultanas and mix.

03 Add 1 egg and mix. The consistency needs to be bound together, so if too dry add another egg.

04 Roll out on a floured board, to about a quarter inch thick.

05 Cut using a 2 inch (5cm approx) cutter, then cook on a greased pan, or bake stone, on a medium heat for about 4 to 5 minutes each side.

06 The exact cooking length will depend on what you are cooking your Welsh cakes on, but keep a close eye - too short a period and they won’t be cooked in middle, and cooked for too long and they will be dry. When touched during cooking they should feel springy, but not wet to the touch (no mixture should come out of the middle).

07 Once cooked dust with caster sugar and enjoy.