Updated: Thursday 11 October 2018

When someone has a heart attack, every minute until the arrival of critical care is vital.

Despite feeling unwell, Flintshire factory worker and father of four Trevor Fletcher started the working day as normal. But he soon began feeling worse and went outside for some fresh air. When he failed to return, Trevor's colleagues went to look for him. They found him unconscious on the floor and he wasn't breathing. His heart had stopped.

Flying doctor and consultant anaesthetist Dr John Glen was able to resuscitate Trevor, who had been 'dead' for almost an hour. A tube was inserted to help him breathe and once stabilised, Trevor was flown to the North Wales Cardiac Centre.

Trevor, who has little recollection of the emergency, is now back at work part-time and determined to get fit.

"It's thanks to the medics on the helicopter and all the hospital staff, that I am alive now. I simply can't thank everybody enough for saving me."