The current situation may stop you from going outside however that doesn't mean you can't fundraise online!

Here are our top tips for creating a wonderful virtual fundraiser.

Step 1 - Set up your fundraiser

It's nice and easy to set up your virtual collection.

Simply visit our virtual fundraising  page and enter your details to create your page. Let people know why you have chosen to fundraise for Wales Air Ambulance, add a picture if you like, and submit your page.

Your page will now appear.

Step 2 - Promote your fundraiser

Now that you are on your fundraising page, press share with your network and choose either Facebook, Twitter or your email to let your family and friends know how they can donate.

It's important to share why you have chosen to support Wales Air Ambulance. Is it because you have a connection? Did somebody close to you need our help? Or do you simply want to help during these uncertain times?

You can also copy the link to your page and add to your social media platforms at any time. Download some of our graphics and resources to go with your posts. 

Step 3 - Keep people in the loop

Don't forget to keep people updated on your progress. Share your link, let people know how you're getting on, and share your current fundraising total.

People are eager to help you succeed, if you're close to your fundraising target let people know.

Step 4 - Engage with your supporters

When you post about your virtual fundraiser, your supporters may comment, have questions or show messages of support. Don't ignore them.

Reply to each comment and answer the questions.

Step 5 - Remember why you're collecting

It can be difficult to stay motivated while virtual fundraising, just remind yourself that every penny counts, and every donation will go towards saving the lives of people across Wales.

Extra tips, sign up as a group

Maybe you would like to set up a virtual fundraiser as a family, friendship group, or you'd like to get your colleagues involved?

Collecting as a group allows you to share your virtual fundraiser with a wider audience of people, and keep each other motivated to post regular updates.