A tribute page is a great way for family and friends to donate to our lifesaving work in a loved one's memory, and is a great way to share memories, photos and stories with others.

An online tribute page is the perfect place to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one who is no longer with you, but always in your thoughts.

Create a tribute Fund

Creating a tribute page with MuchLoved is simple .

Your tribute page can be fully personalised, giving the option to share photos, stories, and to light a candle in memory of your loved one.  

Setting up your tribute page is easy, enter your details and search for 'Wales Air Ambulance' as your chosen charity. You can the share the link with family and friends. 

Create a Fundraiser on Facebook

When the worst happens, it can be difficult to come to terms with the death of a loved one, it can be comforting to honour their memory by fundraising.

Fundraise in their name on Facebook, you can personalise your fundraiser with photos and share with family and friends. 

Click here to create your Facebook fundraiser.

Search for 'Welsh Air Ambulance Charitable Trust' when selecting us as the charity.

Make an individual in memory donation using the donate button below.

Donate in memory