A group of young farmers are helping to fund lifesaving helicopter missions across Wales.

Bro Ddyfi YFC has raised over £2,000 in donations by selling a calendar for Wales Air Ambulance, a charity close to the farming community’s heart.

50 members of the club created a charity calendar and hosted a county event in aid of the Welsh helicopter charity, to help the charity to raise the £6.5million needed every year to fund its operations.

Wales Air Ambulance is called to approximately 200 agricultural incidents across Wales each year, accounting for 8% of its overall workload.

Mark Stevens, Wales Air Ambulance Fundraising Manager, said: “We come to the aid of the farming community around 18 times per month across Wales, and these incidents tend to be some of the most serious that we attend.

“Due to the support we provide to the farming community, we get a lot of support in return from farmers and the Young Farmer’s Clubs.

“Bro Ddyfi has raised an outstanding donation for Wales Air Ambulance, which will help to fund our operations.”

The charity calendar raised £2,400 for Wales Air Ambulance, enough to fund more than one of the charity’s lifesaving missions across Wales.

Each of Wales Air Ambulance’s missions cost around £1,500, bringing the A&E department to the people of Wales in their hour of need.

The Young Farmer’s Club presented their donation to Wales Air Ambulance at a county event in Maellwyni Farm, Machynlleth.

Mark said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to the Bro Ddyfi YFC for their support, as it keeps our four helicopters flying across Wales.

“Their outstanding support will fund more than one of our missions, and is helping to save lives.”