A unique gin that made history by being the first to be distilled at the top of Mount Snowdon has sold at a charity auction for Wales Air Ambulance, becoming Wales’ most expensive gin in the process.

Produced by the award-winning Aber Falls Whisky Distillery, the first of its kind in North Wales for more than 100 years, the bottle of Summit Gin: Mountaineers Cut sold for a staggering £1,085 – the same height in metres as Mount Snowdon.

With just three bottles in existence, this is the only bottle that has been made available for the public, making it one of the rarest gins in existence.

Its uniqueness also comes from the fact it was produced using botanicals picked from the side of Mount Snowdon, which had to be specially approved by the local government given the area’s protected status.

The winning bidder was Rogan Chester, aged 29 and from Porthmadog. Mr Chester is a keen mountain walker and is also a volunteer member of Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue team, so the auction was close to his heart.

He said: “Being a volunteer for a charity which relies on donations, I understand how important every penny is to Wales Air Ambulance, and there are times when we work closely together so I’m aware of the fantastic work it does. Not only have I contributed to its cause, but I have picked up my own bit of Welsh history in the process.

“It’s not my usual thing to spend this much money on a rare bottle of alcohol but I was fortunate to have a little win on the Grand National and was looking for an investment. To be the owner of the most expensive bottle of Welsh gin is a surreal feeling, but I’m a proud Welshmen and hopefully, it will be worth a bit more in the future.”

Lynne Garlick, the Charity’s North Wales Fundraising Manager, said: “Working with the wonderful Aber Falls team, this has been one of the most exciting fundraising experiences we have had. Many people submitted generous bids during the auction and we thank them all.

“In particular, we thank Rogan for his incredible winning bid. It’s pleasing to know that the gin will be staying in Wales and that it is with Rogan who, like us, is dedicated to helping those in need through his work with Mountain Rescue.”