Four Wales Air Ambulance volunteers have received awards for their long-term support of the charity, helping to raise donations to keep WAA’s four helicopters flying.

Paul Garcia, Irene Garcia, Nicola Garcia and Dorothy Williams received volunteering awards on Saturday July 1, thanking them for donating their time to the charity for several years.

Wales Air Ambulance Critical Care Practitioner, Chris Shaw, and WAA pilots, James Grenfell and Jayson Curtis, thanked the volunteers on behalf of the all-Wales charity, presenting them with their awards in front of one of their lifesaving aircraft.

Paul, Irene and Nicola were thanked for volunteering for the Welsh helicopter charity for five years, helping Wales Air Ambulance to raise the £6.5 million needed every year to fund its operations.

Dorothy received an award for ten years of service, helping the charity raise lifesaving donations for over a decade.

Each of Wales Air Ambulance’s missions cost around £1,500, funded through the kind donations and support the helicopter charity receives from the people of Wales.

Helen Thomas, Wales Air Ambulance North Powys Community Support Coordinator, said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Paul, Irene, Nicola and Dorothy for their long-term support.

“Their support, which spans a considerable proportion of WAA’s history, has seen us through many changes and they have helped to raise the donations to make these changes possible.

“When Wales Air Ambulance was first launched on St David’s Day 2001, we started as a one helicopter service operating from Swansea 5 days a week.

“Through the support we receive, we have been able to expand to a four-aircraft operation, available 365 days a year. We are also now working towards our goal of becoming a 24-hour service.

“Paul, Irene, Nicola and Dorothy have provided us with outstanding support, and they have played a part in making Wales Air Ambulance the service it is today.”