Wales Air Ambulance is appealing for volunteers to help raise lifesaving funds, by donating their time to the charity’s Caffi HEMS and to its network of shops.

As a charity, Wales Air Ambulance relies on kind support to fund its operations, receiving support through fundraising and volunteering.

The Welsh helicopter charity needs to raise £6.5million every year to keep its four helicopters flying, and volunteers play a huge role in generating these lifesaving donations.

WAA has a network of over 600 volunteers across Wales, helping to run the charity’s shops, Caernarfon café and assisting at fundraising events.

Each of Wales Air Ambulance’s missions cost around £1,500, funded by donations and support from the people of Wales.

Volunteers for Wales Air Ambulance can occupy a variety of roles in the charity, including sorting and selling pre-loved items in WAA’s charity shops, assisting in fundraising duties in the charity’s offices, or community fundraising in events across Wales – including the Royal Welsh Show or the Six Nations.

Margaret Squire, Wales Air Ambulance Volunteer Coordinator, said: “We wouldn’t be able to raise the donations to fund our missions without a network of fantastic volunteers.

“Every day volunteering a WAA is different, you could be helping out in our shops and in our offices, taking photos of fundraising presentations, and completing in bucket collections.

“We are in need of volunteers, especially during the summer when students go home and there are lots of exciting fundraising events.

“By giving just an hour of you time, you can help save lives across Wales by funding our missions.”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at Wales Air Ambulance, please contact [email protected] or call 0300 0152 999.