The Wales Air Ambulance’s crew have been gifted over 50 limited-edition pin badges that were designed to raise money for several charities.

The limited-edition pin badges, which have been designed by jeweller Rhiannon Evans from Tregaron and her son Gwern, has so far raised £1,250 for the lifesaving charity.

The ‘Here Come the Sun’ pin badges come from the well-known Welsh phrase ‘Daw eto haul ar fryn’, which means ‘the sun will, once again, shine on the hillside’. This is a traditional Welsh idiom expressing hope and encouragement to keep faith in a brighter future.

Rhiannon Jewellery design bespoke Welsh jewellery that is designed and handmade by a small and dedicated team of skilled jewellers.

Gwern said: “As a small family business in the depths of Wales, it is hard to find ways to contribute to our national and collective effort to get through the current crisis. We are pleased that we can do something, however small, to show our solidarity and support for those bearing the brunt of the current challenge.”

The pin badges are designed and purchased by customers in aid of either the Wales Air Ambulance, Hywel Dda Charities or NHS Charities Together.

£25 from the sale of each pin badge has been donated to the Charity in recognition and support of those who have themselves supported the nation over this period, and who continue to do so with such diligence and care

Dr Iestyn Humphreys and his colleague have funded the special pin badges that were gifted to the lifesaving charity crew.

Dr Humphreys, from Cardiff, said: “Gwern mentioned to me the pin design and that certain charitable institutions had participated.  To this end I was thinking that whilst we always contribute to charities in some form or another, we collectively as a nation, forget about all individuals who provide their time and energy for the benefit of others and without which such charities/services could simply not function.

“Accordingly, on behalf of friends and family, we would like this year to honour “Ambiwlans Awyr 24/7 I Gymru” contribution through this small token.”

It is hoped that more pin badges will be purchased for the Wales Air Ambulance crew in the near future.

Dougie Bancroft, the Charity’s North Powys Community Fundraiser, said: “The staff were delighted to receive these wonderful limited-edition pin badges. Throughout the pandemic, the rainbow has symbolised hope and the pin badges will be a lovely keepsake for our medics who have worked throughout the pandemic. Thank you to Rhiannon and Gwern for designing the limited-edition badges and for their support of several worthy charities, including ours. Thank you also to Dr Humphreys and his colleague for purchasing over 50 badges for our crew. We are extremely grateful.”

Dewi Thomas, Critical Care Practitioner for Wales Air Ambulance, said: “This is a wonderful gesture. It has been, and continues to be, a challenging time for everybody. To know that our work is being acknowledged and appreciated gives us a huge lift. On behalf of my fellow Wales Air Ambulance medics, I thank Dr Humphreys and his colleague for their generosity, and everybody at Rhiannon Jewellery for their support of medics across Wales. The sun will definitely shine on the hillside once again.”

The pin badges are available in sterling silver, 9-carat gold or 18-carat gold and are priced at £75, £185 and £385 - £25 from each sale is donated to the chosen charity.

You can purchase them via Rhiannon shop in Tregaron or online