Published: 02 August 2023

The Farmers’ Union of Wales has announced the Wales Air Ambulance as its next Presidential charity at the Royal Welsh Show.

Speaking at the President’s reception on the Wednesday night of the show, Union President Ian Rickman said: “We have just seen the might of FUW fundraising and what we can achieve with our President’s charity and I know that all of us will be supportive to the next cause.

“The Wales Air Ambulance is firmly rooted in rural Wales and whilst we might never really want to see them, we want to know that they are there and ready to go.”

The Wales Air Ambulance Charity is funded by the people of Wales and they operate some of the most advanced air ambulances in the UK, saving precious time and lives.

The Wales Air Ambulance needs £11.2 million every year to keep the helicopters in the air and rapid response vehicles on the road across Wales.

They offer advanced critical care and are often described as a ‘Flying ED’.

The on-board consultants and critical care practitioners are highly skilled and carry some of the most pioneering medical equipment in the world. They can deliver blood transfusions, administer anaesthesia and undertake emergency operations at the scene of the incident, before flying the patient directly to specialist care. 

The Charity has completed over 46,000 missions and is on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“They are there for the people of Wales whenever and wherever they need them and I’m delighted to officially announce our support for this very worthy cause,” added Ian Rickman.

Dr Sue Barnes, Wales Air Ambulance Charity Chief Executive, said: “We are humbled by this announcement of support by the FUW and its President, Ian Rickman. We know how important our service is for the rural and agricultural communities of Wales and this is reflected in the amazing generosity they show towards our Charity.

“As a pan-Wales service, our aim is to deliver the best possible lifesaving care across our country, however, at the same time recognising the differing needs of our rural and urban communities.

“We are working hard to ensure our vital work can continue, not just for the here and now, but for our future generations. Support like this from the FUW will help us achieve that. Our commitment and connection to rural Wales is, and always will be, incredibly strong.

“I convey my heartfelt thanks to the FUW and we look forward to working them and continuing to build and strengthen our relationship together.”