Tom Nicholas has set himself the huge challenge of completing four big endurance-based events to raise money for the Wales Air Ambulance in memory of his grandfather Godfrey Dobbins.

Many people would shy away from just one of the events that Tom has planned, let alone tackling four of them.

Tom, who spent many summer holidays in Pembrokeshire with his grandparents, has been planning the Endure 4 for a few years and aims to climb Kilimanjaro, as well as completing the Spartan Ultra 30mile obstacle course in Scotland, tackling the World’s Toughest Mudder and he hopes to finish off his huge fundraiser by taking part in Ironman Wales in 2022 as part of his Endure 4.

Tom, 27, from Bristol wanted to help the lifesaving charity after they saved his late grandad’s life. He said: “I've previously raised over £2,000 in my last series of challenges which occurred in 2018. Wales Air Ambulance is very close to my heart, the service saved my late grandfathers life twice, due to their rural home in Pembrokeshire, the only option available to him was the air ambulance to get him the urgent medical care required. And thanks to the service we were able to spend a further couple of years with him. 

“I wanted to do another fundraiser but do the biggest events i could think of that will test my mental grit, physical toughness, whilst also doing it for the Wales Air Ambulance and my late grandad. The Wales Air Ambulance is a fantastic service and i believe very strongly for raising funds for them.”

Tom, who works as a consultant for a finance firm, hasn’t set himself a fundraising target but would like to raise more than the £2,000 he raised during his previous fundraiser. He said: “I would like to beat that total, but anything i can raise will mean the world, especially given current time when pockets can be potential be shallow right now.” 

Tom hopes to kick start his fundraiser, if international travel is allowed, in July by climbing Kilimanjaro.

Then in September he will take part in the Spartan race ultra-event, which consist of a 30mile obstacle course race. He said: “I have previously attempted the ultra, but there is a time limit to reach each stage of the course, so it is not only about being able to overcome the uphill runs, the long monkey bars, carrying a sand bucket weighing 60kg over 1km terrain, it is also about beating the clock.”

His third endurance event is the Worlds Toughest Mudder, which is a 5mile obstacle course, consisting of the usual tough mudder obstacles, such as climbing through a skip full of ice, running through electric wires, more monkey bars and climbing up a ladder with ice cold water pouring down on you. “The aim is to complete as many of the 5mile laps within a 24hour period. This is taking place just outside Las Vegas across the pond.”, added Tom.

Tom is hoping to end his huge fundraiser in Pembrokeshire, if he can get a space in Ironman Wales, which will see him swim 2.4mile, cycle 112 mile and ending with a 26.2mile run. 

You can show Tom your support by donating to his fundraiser via his Just Giving page Thomas's Endure 4 page