Ironman Wales might have been postponed this year but that didn’t stop three Pembroke men competing in their own ‘Trionman’.

The team, which consisted of Francis Bunker, Phil Smith and Jeff Davies took it upon themselves to set their own challenge.

During the four-week fundraiser, Francis swam 9.6 miles, which was 2.4 miles per week, Phil put on his running shoes to run a fantastic 104.8 miles (26.2 miles a week), and Jeff got on his bike to cycle 448 miles, (112 per week).

The Trionman was Jeff’s idea and the team think ‘he had the short straw’ with his challenge.

Personal trainer, Jeff, said: “I’ve done an awful lot of fundraising over the years and this one came about by seeing or hearing about all the appeals for people to raise money for national charities. All of these are very worthwhile and in need, however, living in the furthest point west I felt we needed to support a more local charity and one that saves lives in our county. This I’ve seen first-hand on many occasions.  Then I just needed to persuade two people to join in.”

The trio completed the challenge on 5 September and smashed their £500 target by raising a fantastic £1,525.

Jeff, who said the hardest part of the challenge was finding the time to get the distances in each week, added: “We all have a deep sense of gratitude for all those people who donated, especially during these exceptional times and it just confirms the high regard people of this county have for Wales Air Ambulance.”

The men would like to thank the Jolly Sailor for allowing them to use their premises to finish the event, everyone who has donated and Charlotte Hawkes, Jeff’s daughter, the ‘manager and motivator’ who kept the group going with ‘her wit and sarcasm and ensured the challenge was continually in the public eye.

Mark Stevens, Wales Air Ambulance Fundraising Manager, said: “Congratulations to Jeff, Francis and Phil. An Ironman is a huge challenge for anyone, the fact these gentlemen decided to do their own Trionman over four weeks shows how much the charity must mean to them. Thank you all, your efforts are much appreciated, especially during these difficult times. You definitely deserved to put your feet up!”

You can sponsor the men via their Just Giving page Trionman 4