A grandmother from Monmouth has set herself the challenge of making 20 premature baby hats as part of her fundraiser for the Wales Air Ambulance Charity.

Olwen Davis is taking part in the Charity’s My20 birthday challenge. The Wales Air Ambulance celebrated its 20th anniversary on March 1 and to acknowledge the milestone, it has created a new fundraising event called My20.

My20 allows the participant to set themselves a challenge, task or activity that relates to the number '20' which they will complete during March.

Olwen, who loves to knit, will complete her challenge this month and so far has knitted 13 hats.

Olwen came up with the idea after knitting items for her baby grandson. She said: “​I love knitting. My daughter had a baby 6 months ago and I knit a lot for him. He is the best-dressed baby in the country, it’s just a shame that Covid means that he can't go anywhere to show off his stylish clothes! One result of knitting a lot is that I have lots of left-over wool which is coming in handy for the premature baby hats. I am enjoying the challenge.

This is Olwen’s first fundraiser, and she would like to raise £500, but states all donations are gratefully received. She is delighted with the £210 that she has raised already.

Reflecting on why she wanted to get involved, she said: “​So many people have done so many amazing things to help others in the past 12 months. Apart from making a few masks early on, I have not done much so, when I saw what Wales Air Ambulance was proposing, I felt inspired to help out. I am never going to run a marathon, or even 10k, but I am quite good at knitting!

“​The Wales Air Ambulance is the sort of service you hope you will never need but one which you will be eternally grateful to if you should need it. It’s crucial. How else can swift assistance be given to critically ill or injured people.”

Olwen has a very good friend who also knits hats for premature babies. Her daughter is a doctor in a neo-natal unit in Bristol, so Olwen intends on donating the hats to Southmead Hospital, Bristol. However, if a Welsh hospital needs some premature hats, she has stated she could split them between the two hospitals.

Wendy McManus, the Charity’s South East Wales Community Fundraiser, said: “It’s wonderful to hear of beautiful stories like Olwen’s. Not only is she taking part in My20 by raising funds for the Wales Air Ambulance but she’s making much-needed hats for premature babies. We hope that people recognise Olwen’s hard work and commitment to both good causes and donate to her fundraiser, which many already have. Thank you so much for supporting us, Olwen. The hats look lovely and we hope you enjoy your first fundraiser.”

You can show your support to Olwen by donating via her Just Giving page Olwen Davis Fy20 / My20