The former Mayor and Mayoress of Wrexham have donated £9,000 to Wales Air Ambulance after nominating the service as one of their dedicated charitable causes. 

Councillor Andy Williams of the Garden Village ward, near Wrexham, served as mayor between May 2018 and 2019.

Throughout the course of their tenure in public office, Andy and his wife Bev raised over £45,000 for charitable causes across North Wales.

Talking about why he chose Wales Air Ambulance as one of his charities, Andy said: “I had to begin by picking causes that meant something to me personally. As a local fireman and community first responder for Garden Village, I frequently work alongside Wales Air Ambulance during emergencies so can fully appreciate their importance.

“The very fact they rely solely on the support of the Welsh public to provide such a vital helicopter service left me in no doubt about nominating them as one of my charitable causes.” 

Away from his emergency services work and tenure in public office, Andy is also the proud owner of a very special sensory dog named Buddi. Andy adds: “Buddi plays a pivotal role in local hospitals and Intensive Care Units. I take her in to sit with patients who are perhaps scared of needles when having blood tests or to brighten up the days of those who are otherwise very unwell in hospital.”

During his tenure, Andy held various events including a charity ball, several food and wine gatherings alongside gaining support from local athletes running marathons in name of the mayor’s charities. One such event, which included a charity auction, proved particularly popular with one prize selling for £1,100.

The prize in question included an exclusive flight for two in a private charter helicopter from Caernarfon airport. This was followed by a sumptuous meal at the Charity’s Caffi HEMS and the opportunity to meet the air ambulance crew based at the airport. 

Wales Air Ambulance North Wales Fundraising Manager, Lynne Garlick said: “We cannot begin to thank Andy and Bev enough for their incredible generosity. To raise £9,000 for us in such a short space of time is truly inspiring. The money raised will ensure we can continue to be there for the people of Wales when they need us.”

Reflecting on his tenure, Andy said: “Bev and I met so many inspirational and committed people over our twelve months that it would be impossible to mention them and to thank them all individually. 

 “I am very grateful to everyone that contributed and helped us reach the final sum of over £45,000 for local charities. An amazing achievement and a credit to all the people, organisations and groups that supported us. Thank you, everyone.”