Published: 28 March 2024

Hundreds of bike enthusiasts are gearing up for a massive ride out in aid of the Wales Air Ambulance Charity in early April. 

It’s the second year for the Wales Round Ribbon Ride which raises money for motorcycle-orientated charities. 

Its organisers hope to top the £10,000 that was raised during their inaugural event in 2023 with extra venues added to the route to cope with demand. 

Over 700 people have pre-registered with around 400 spaces available for Sunday 7 April 2024.


Round Ribbon Chairman, Tyrone Robert Stevenson said: “We’ve chosen Wales Air Ambulance as our beneficiary because it has saved the lives of so many bikers in Wales over the years and it was an obvious choice.” 

“I know how surprised the public are when they find out that charities like Wales Air Ambulance rely on donations, so it was an automatic choice for us. The decision was approved by all members of the committee because we know that fundraisers like this is where the money has to come from. 

“If it doesn’t come from us, there is no air ambulance, it’s that simple.” 

Those taking part have the option of planning their journey as part of the “Your Ride, Your Route” and can choose where they want to start.  

They must then visit four other venues, where they will receive a stamp to show that they have been there, before ending at their starting point.  Each will receive a ribbon in recognition of completing the route. 

The start venues are Baffle Haus/Baffle Culture, Moto Bites Café, La Luna Coffee, The Somerset Arms in Port Talbot, Woodrow’s – Motorcycle Gear, Café & Events, UN1T 7, HMY, Celtic Scooters and Motorcycles/Monster Road Café, Two Hoots Team Room, The Black Mountain Lodge and Owl’s Nest Tea Room Diner.

Tyrone added: “Each venue has been hugely supportive of the fundraiser and has paid for the tickets, ribbons for the riders and other materials needed for the day.  

“Their kind contribution means every £10 paid by people for their entry ticket will go directly to the charity.” 

Over 160 people will be volunteering on the day and Tyrone said: “The volunteers will play a key part on the day, keeping things moving smoothly. They will stamp the riders’ cards, so they are not hanging around and can get on their way. Without them this event certainly would not happen!”  

The charity, which is funded by the people of Wales, relies entirely on charitable donations to raise £11.2 million every year to keep the helicopters in the air and rapid response vehicles on the road across Wales.

It is delivered via a unique Third Sector and Public Sector partnership between Wales Air Ambulance and the Emergency Medical Retrieval Transfer Service (EMRTS Cymru). 

Mark Stevens, Wales Air Ambulance’s Head of Fundraising, said: “We are so grateful the organisers for choosing to support us, and to all the riders who have signed up for this year’s Wales Round Ribbon Ride. 

“Our service is reliant on events like this to help us reach our fundraising target each year to provide our lifesaving service across Wales. 

“Thanks to our incredible partnership with EMRTS we are a ‘flying emergency department’, providing advanced critical care at the scene of an incident - offering hospital-standard treatments on location. 

“By raising funds for our lifesaving charity, you are enabling us help those in a life or limb situation. Good luck and thank you again to all those involved.” 

If you would like to register for the event, visit: Wales Round Ribbon - Event Registration