Supermarket Aldi has continued to support the Wales Air Ambulance by donating food and items from the famous ‘Specialbuys’ to its charity shops.

Despite the charity shops being forced to close during the current pandemic the Wales Air Ambulance, with the support from Aldi, decided to pass on the food items to Welsh food banks.

The items donated from the UK’s fifth largest supermarket help to fill the shelves of the charity shops across Wales.

The charity has had a huge range of items from Aldi’s ‘Specialbuys’, which have included tents, tools, ladders and clothing.

Sometimes they have a variety of food items as well, which normally goes to the Charity’s award winning Caffi Hems, which is based at Caernarfon Airport, to make delicious items to serve.

Speaking of the generous donations of stock and the donation to food banks, Rhys Richards, Wales Air Ambulance Warehouse and Transport Manager, said: “The most recent occasion, we had a four pallet’s full delivered to us. Our café was closed and what is more fitting than to help people who need it the most during these hard times.

‘So, I rang a few local food banks and the first ones who responded had a share of items. They were Swansea Food Bank and Cwmamman Food Bank, who were both super pleased and grateful that there are others willing to support people and make a difference. It is nice to be able to support the community in a different way.

“We can’t thank Aldi enough their continued support helps to keep our helicopters flying 24/7.”

Cardiff company Trailermech have also been a huge support to the Wales Air Ambulance, they provide traction for the load to Swansea free of charge.

A grateful, Rhys, said: “Throughout the first lockdown, we had several large donations of items that helped raise vital funds, which was hugely supported by Dave, in Trailermech, who provided the traction - we couldn’t have collected the items without his help. So a huge thank you to Dave and his team. They continue to support us.”

Aldi has been donating stock to the Charity since late 2019 and the items have generated nearly £160,000 in the two years, despite the shops facing three lockdowns. Items have been distributed across the air ambulance charity’s 12 shops and also sold on the charity’s eBay store.

In just four months the Aldi’s items, which are being sold on the Charity’s eBay store have raised £1,137.

The charity’s shops are a key source of income, which contributes significantly to reaching the yearly target of £8million.

Dan Oakenfull, Regional Managing Director for Aldi, said: “It is more important than ever to support our local communities, so we are delighted that our donations of Specialbuys have helped Wales Air Ambulance to continue providing its vital services, and our food items went to those in need during some of the most challenging times.”

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