Parents Kaylie and Alan faced every parents’ worst nightmare when they had a call from their daughter’s nursery to say she was unresponsive.

Three-year-old Hannah Gregson, who has a history of febrile convulsions due to having a high temperature, was described by her mum as being 100% well when she was dropped off at nursery just two hours earlier.

After receiving the call from worried nursery staff, Kaylie told them it was probably a fit and to call an ambulance. Kaylie rushed to the nursery and whilst there she was faced with the realisation that this wasn’t a ‘normal fit’ that they were used to seeing.

Hannah, from Trearddur Bay, Anglesey, who also suffers from allergies, normally comes around within minutes, but on this occasion she could not be woken up and her whole body was jerking.

The staff at the nursery thought Hannah, who was aged two at the time, had gone into anaphylactic shock and administrated her epi pen. However, that was unsuccessful.

While waiting for the ambulance, little Hannah stopped breathing four or five times.

The family, who live 30 miles away from the nearest hospital, said they cannot thank all the staff that helped Hannah enough. Kaylie, said: ‘I’ll never forget what they did to save my daughter. I’ve seen things like this on TV and always thought what an amazing job they do, but actually having them with you and your child, knowing that they’re in the best hands is an unforgettable feeling.’

On duty that day were Dr Marie Gallagher, and critical care practitioners John Adams and Ian Thomas.

The service’s Dr David Rawlinson said: “We were able to support the chain of life in this emergency, from the nursery staff who acted quickly when she first became unwell, to the ambulance service who promptly stabilised her on their arrival. We were pleased to be able to support our colleagues in the Ambulance service and our critical care team were able to assist with the rapid, safe transfer to hospital, enabling Hannah to get the specialist treatment she needed as quickly as possible.”

Hannah’s family were surprised when she was back to her ‘normal wild self’ the next day and believe that without the help of the Wales Air Ambulance and paramedics Hannah might not be here today.

Kaylie who is extremely grateful to the Wales Air Ambulance for saving her little girl, added: “It’s a mother’s worst nightmare to see her baby like she was, but she was in such safe hands. I’m convinced that if we didn’t get the help as quickly as we did, that my daughter wouldn’t be here today. It’s such an amazing job they do. They’re really angels in the sky.

“When she’s older I’ll tell her all about how the helicopter came to save her.  From the bottom of my heart I thank the Wales Air Ambulance services for the help Hannah received.”

This week marks the first anniversary since Hannah’s life was saved, she will begin nursery school at Ysgol Kingsland on Thursday.