For 'My20' you can choose any challenge, task or activity that you like, related to the number 20, and complete it in October. Whether you choose to walk 20 miles, bake 20 treats, or read 20 books, there is something for everyone.
This exciting and fun challenge aims to raise vital funds for our lifesaving charity, whilst encouraging you to challenge yourself, or try new activities.

Why should I take part?

Every year we need to raise £11.2 million and all proceeds from your My20 entry will go towards keeping our four helicopters flying. 

Raise £100, and you will receive a bespoke pin badge, or a cuddly Del Dragon for our younger supporters.

How can I get involved?

Your My20 challenge can be whatever you decide.

  1. Decide what you’d like to do (take a look at the lists below for inspiration). Be creative, choose something that will challenge you and keep you motivated throughout the month.
  2. Decide how much you are going to do, include 20 in your challenge - it could be 20 items, 20 days, 20 minutes, 20 sessions, 20 miles…it’s up to you! 
  3. Set up your fundraising page. When you register through Facebook, you will need to set up a Facebook fundraiser, or you can create a fundraising page on JustGiving, or request a sponsor form by emailing our events team at [email protected].
  4. Tell your family, friends and colleagues what you are doing and share your fundraising links. Maybe some of them would like to join you or set up their own My20 challenge?
  5. Keep us updated! If you are on Facebook you can join the dedicated My20 group and post updates in there. If you are not on facebook you can email us your updates.

Registering as a school/team 

If you register as a school or team, we will send you a cuddly Del Dragon to join you in your challenge.  

The best way to register as a school or team is by emailing [email protected]. Tell us how many of you are taking part. 

Set up a JustGiving page. 

Get in touch if you need a sponsor form or collection boxes by emailing [email protected]. 

  • Bake 20 cakes 
  • Walk, run, jog or cycle 20 minutes or 20 miles or for 20 days 
  • Make a quilt with 20 squares 
  • Read 20 books 
  • 20 sea or cold water dips
  • 'Plank’ each day for 20 days 
  • Watch 20 new films 
  • Do 20 star jumps, burpees, sit ups or other exercise every day 
  • Try mindfulness, meditation or forest bathing for 20 minutes a day 
  • Try out new looks with 20 days of different hairstyles or fancy dress  
  • Post 20 photos on social media using #My20 – these could be a theme  
  • Spend 20 hours volunteering for your favourite charity or in your local community 
  • Learn 20 new yoga poses 
  • Crochet or knit 20 items 
  • Draw or paint 20 pictures 
  • Do 20 puzzles such as crosswords or jigsaws 
  • Climb 20 hills or mountains 
  • Learn 20 new words or phrases in a different language 
  • Have an Autumn clear out and donate 20 items to your local charity shop 
  • Do 20 minutes of gardening each day