On June 21 last year (2022) Lynne Press’s world changed forever.

It was on that day that her grandson, Ethan, suffered a serious crash. He was driving near Pen Y Fan with his then girlfriend in the car.

He hit an ash cart and, in an instant, was left with life-threatening injuries.

Luckily, two paramedics happened to be travelling in the opposite direction and soon the experts from the Wales Air Ambulance were on hand to provide vital care.

Despite that, at one point Ethan was given a 70/30 chance of not pulling through the accident.

After being transferred to hospital Ethan needed emergency surgery after his bowel ruptured. Sepsis then developed and he needed further vital treatment.

Ethan was in intensive care for two weeks, but he has made a miraculous recovery and is now gradually returning to life as normal.

For Lynne, the life-changing incident led her to consider volunteering.

After taking early retirement, Lynne decided to pay back for the help given to Ethan when it mattered.

She said: “I do think if it wasn’t for the air ambulance he wouldn’t have made it. This is my way of saying thank-you.”

But she also gets a lot of satisfaction from volunteering, she said:

“I really enjoy it. I have met some lovely people. It’s great here. At the moment I’m doing stuff in the warehouse, and we’re having fun.”

Everyone has a different reason for volunteering, but for Lynne it was a very personal decision.