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Jack's Christmas Wish.

You don't know us, but if it wasn't for the generous support of kind people like you, our son wouldn't be here this Christmas.

Earlier this year, Jack, our one-year-old son, fell and bumped his head, which left him fighting for his life.

We've never been so scared.

The weather was awful that day, but that didn't stop Wales Air Ambulance. The critical care team travelled by road in one of the Charity's rapid response vehicles.

On arrival, Dr Mike, and Critical Care Practitioner Rhyan, were worried that Jack had a bleed on the brain. We gave him a kiss so that he knew we were with him, and it was at that point that we saw the tiny neonatal ventilator kit. Jack looked so small and fragile.

To protect his brain and to give him the best possible chance of survival, the crew gave him a general anaesthetic, medication to help minimise the bleed and placed him on a ventilator to control his breathing. Without this treatment, Jack wouldn't have made it to hospital.

It's every parent's worst nightmare.

Jack suffered a large bleed on the brain and had fractured his skull. He was taken for emergency surgery and was put into intensive care.

We didn't know whether Jack would suffer long-term brain damage, but against the odds, he came around just 48 hours after his accident, and the first thing he said when he opened his eyes was 'mam'.

Since then, we've been teaching Jack about the Charity, and his new favourite words are 'car' and 'copter'.

They're Jack's superheroes.

Coming to terms with what happened has been difficult, but the aftercare support has helped us massively, and the 'Certificate of Bravery' Jack received from the crew has been given pride of place in his memory box.

Many people don't realise that the Wales Air Ambulance is a Charity, and although we've been supporters for many years, we never imagined that one day, they would save our little boy's life.

Christmas is going to be emotional, but also extra special this year. Whilst we spend the festive season together as a family, creating memories which may not have been possible without the Charity, we'll also be thinking of those who have given up their Christmas to help others.

Jack's Christmas Wish...

Wales Air Ambulance has given us the greatest gift of all, they've given Jack a future.

Many children will ask Santa for toys, but it is Jack's Christmas wish that the Charity can continue saving lives.

Please help to make his Christmas wish come true and donate to this lifesaving service. You never know when you or your loved ones might need them. Thank you.

Nadolig Llawen
Jess, Jamie and Jack
Wales Air Ambulance Survivor

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