Our service is consultant-led, which means we take hospital-standard treatments to the patient and, if required, transfer them directly to the most appropriate hospital for their illness or injury. This can be within Wales or to specialist treatment centres in England. For the patient, this can mean hours saved when compared to standard care and is proven to greatly improve survival and recovery.  

Our service attends the highest-level emergency calls that involve life or limb-threatening incidents. We attend less than 1% of all 999 calls received via the Welsh Ambulance Service Contact Centre. 

We are a pan-Wales service. With only four teams covering the whole of our country, we are a scarce and highly specialised resource. Therefore, regardless of where they are based, our dedicated crews will travel the length and breadth of the country to deliver emergency lifesaving care. 

Our service does not replace the Welsh Ambulance Service, we work in partnership with them. In most cases, a road ambulance will be on the scene of an incident before us. In the chain of emergency care, Welsh Ambulance Service medics offer the initial immediate care. Wales Air Ambulance is the next link in the chain, delivering advanced hospital-standard treatments even before patients get to a hospital.