Updated: Thursday 11 October 2018

In August 2017, Christine Lloyd, from Chester, was visiting Wales and was a passenger in a car 

Christine recalls the moments prior to the accident: “It was a normal drive home one Sunday after a nice trip. We were driving along when our vehicle hit a tractor.” 

The passenger side of the car Christine was travelling in took the full force of the collision, trapping her in the vehicle for over an hour.  

“It was thanks to the fact that Wales Air Ambulance was on scene that I was flown so quickly to the nearest trauma centre. The flying medics, along with Ambulance crews, treated me at the roadside before flying me to Stoke.  Wales Air Ambulance got me away from the scene of the accident to the Royal Stoke Hospital in just eleven minutes. During the very short flight, the Wales Air Ambulance medics also noticed I was bleeding internally which saved vital time when arriving at the hospital. 

“Upon arrival at Stoke, I was taken straight to the emergency department where the extent of my injuries was soon realised. I had suffered an open fracture to my right arm, three broken ribs and had also broken my back in several places. On top of this, I had a major internal bleed and a bleed to my brain. Without the quick response from Wales Air Ambulance, with such injuries I would certainly not be here today. 

“I underwent several operations and had a long road to recovery ahead of me. My doctors didn’t know if I would ever walk again so they decided to operate on my spine. Eight months ago, I underwent a further six-hour surgery to rebuild my spine. Surgeons worked tirelessly to build a metal frame around my spine, with the hope of being able to walk again.” 

After months of rehabilitation, Christine defied the odds and began to turn a corner. 

The joy of taking my first steps after the accident will stay with me forever. Although I am in constant pain when walking, I am doing well.” 

Learning to walk again after horrific circumstances hasn’t dampened Christine’s spirit. She is now gearing up to tackle Snowdon in August. “It is nothing short of a privilege to attempt to climb Snowdon in aid of Wales Air Ambulance. I did not realise that Wales Air Ambulance was a charity, but after experiencing first hand how important they are, I now intend to raise awareness of this vital lifesaving service.” 

“I hold the Wales Air Ambulance medics and all emergency services on that day in the highest regard. They all worked so hard to save my life and treated with me such care and respect. I can’t begin to explain how heroic they all were. 

“I would like to dedicate my entire recovery to the Wales Air Ambulance Crew, all medics involved, the incredible team at the Royal Stoke and my wonderful family. I would also like to extend my thanks to my employer ‘Osprey of London’ who have been very supportive during what has been a very difficult time.  

“I believe good must come from the hardest of times and I hope my journey will help to inspire others and show that you can overcome far more than you ever believed possible. One step at a time.”