Updated: Monday 6 February 2023

Cadi Owen was 16 months old when she was involved in an accident, leaving her desperately needing emergency medical attention. 

The toddler and her family were watching bike racing and were enjoying lunch when little Cadi reached for a banana on the picnic table, accidentally knocking a scalding cup of tea over herself. 

Her family and other spectators immediately sprang into action and administered first aid, but it was clear that she urgently needed help. 

Rachel, Cadi’s mother, said: “We were ever so lucky, as I had just passed my first aid training, and we were able to get her straight into the ambulance and up to the circuit medical centre in minutes. 

“They assessed her, providing her with the necessary first aid before calling 999.” 

Wales Air Ambulance was dispatched to the scene, landing at the race circuit before airlifting her to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor. 

“I went with her in the helicopter and we were flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd. Following an assessment they decided her burns were so severe that she needed to be immediately transferred for further care,” Rachel said. 

Wales Air Ambulance airlifted Cadi to the specialist burns unit at Alder Hay Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, for the care she needed. Upon arrival, she was urgently rushed into the operating theatre to treat her burns. 

Rachel said: “We were informed that she would need an operation as soon as possible to save her skin. 

“The operation was a success and Biobrane, a synthetic skin substitute, was fitted. Within four days, Cadi was allowed home. 

“We were told that the immediate response of all involved meant that she would make a full recovery with very little scarring,” Rachel added. 

Cadi is now a thriving young girl and her parents cannot thank the charity enough.   

Rachel said: “We are ever so grateful for the help they gave our little girl, and we have become passionate about raising funds for them. 

“Cadi loves helicopters and will always wave at them and tell her friends how she has been in the helicopter and how it took her to hospital.”