Last month Wales Air Ambulance was called to Newtown, after a motocross biker was involved in a serious accident, leaving him needing urgent medical attention.

Alex Chesworth was competing in an off-road race when he came off his bike, causing severe damage to his spine and he was in desperate need of help, stranded in a remote area.

Alexander Lamb, Alex’s friend, said: “Thankfully Alex’s wife Marsha, who happens to be a senior nurse, was not too far away.

“An emergency call was made and Alex was airlifted to Stoke Hospital by Wales Air Ambulance, and their fast response to the incident and professionalism was unbelievable.

“As he was in an area that was inaccessible by vehicles, being able to get the helicopter close to the incident was crucial in getting him the lifesaving treatment he needed.

“I know Alex will always been deeply thankful to the Wales Air Ambulance team.”

Wales Air Ambulance flew to the scene of the incident, giving him lifesaving interventions before airlifting him to specialist care at Stoke Hospital, where Alex received emergency surgery.

Alex was originally signed up to take part in the North West Tough Mudder Challenge this year, unable to attend the race whilst he recovers from the incident, his friends will take part in the 12-mile obstacle course to thank Wales Air Ambulance for flying to Alex’s aid.

Alexander Lamb, William Lennard, and Andrew Abraham will test their mental and physical strength, conquering rope climbs, electric wires and muddy water in the hardcore running event to raise donations for the Welsh helicopter charity that airlifted Alex.

Wales Air Ambulance needs to raise £6.5 million every year to fund its operations, with each of the charity’s lifesaving missions costing around £1,500, funded entirely by kind donations from the people of Wales.

The group of friends aimed to raise £1,000 for the Welsh helicopter charity, smashing their fundraising target by raising over £4,000, with more donations flooding in to their online fundraising page.

Alexander said: “We considered deferring the challenge for a year, but he ordered us to carry on and raise some money for the Wales Air Ambulance team which assisted in saving his life.

“Whilst he is on bed rest, family and friend have been making sure everything is kept on track, especially for their young son, Archie-Glyn.

“With the love and determination he and his wife have, the very least we could do is run a 20k Tough Mudder.

“So we are asking our friends, family and WAA supporters to dig deep, because life changes in the blink of an eye and sometimes we rely on the support of services to help us in our hour of need.” 

If you would like to sponsor the friends during their Tough Mudder Challenge, please click here: