The EMRTS Service Review was independently led by the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner for Wales. We have respected the independence of the process, having no direct involvement in the Review (this focused on our NHS partners, EMRTS) and avoiding commentary on it. This has been difficult for us. 

Some communities in northern parts of Mid Wales and North West Wales have shared their anxieties about a potential change during the Review’s three periods of public engagement.  

We strongly empathise with the genuine concerns and anxieties that have been expressed about wider NHS Primary and Secondary care provision in these regions. As a very small and very specialist service, we are a small cog in the wider machinery of pre-hospital emergency care. There is very little we can do to address many of those concerns and nor should we be responsible for covering gaps in NHS provision. We have raised this with the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner, and he has reassured us that these issues have been passed on to the appropriate NHS representatives for their information and action.  

Now that the NHS’s Joint Commissioning Committee have made a decision, we are able to answer your questions and concerns. 

During the 18-month review period, there has been a lot of misinformation circulating about the future of our service – we hope to reassure you of our intentions and priorities. 

We want to be open and transparent as we move forward and will include you in our journey every step of the way as we work towards improving our lifesaving service in the years to come.