Did you know you can support us whilst selling your items?

This reduces your seller fees, and allows you to enjoy tax savings, as well as giving back to a lifesaving cause.

Here are your simple steps to sell for us:

  • Use the charity search and select Welsh Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, then ensure to look for the 'donate a portion to charity' and choose the percentage you wish to donate from your listed item - ranging from 10% - 100%.

  • Sell and ship your item as you normally would, without any additional paperwork. 

  • Receive a donation receipt - within a few weeks and after the buyer has paid, eBay partners PayPal Giving Fund will automatically send the donation to us, along with a donation receipt for you to keep.

There's even more... whatever percentage you choose to donate, eBay will credit your account the same percentage of your sellers fees. So if you donate 50% of the sale to us, eBay will credit you back 50% of your seller fees.

For more information look at the eBay Sell for Charity Guide.