Dear friends

You will have seen and read a lot about the analysis of the air ambulance service in Wales in recent weeks.

In short, the analysis is telling us that:

  • There are people in danger of losing their life or a limb/s because some of our crews/aircraft/rapid response vehicles are not in the right places and our operational hours need to better reflect the times of highest demand.
  • The most effective operational model identified through the independent modelling could allow us to improve our service.
  • We could attend an additional 583 emergencies where somebody could be in a life or limb-threatening position.
  • Every county in Wales would benefit, with more life or limb-threatening emergencies attended.

The analysis results now being presented are the most in-depth ever seen by the Charity’s Trustees. We are aware of no other air ambulance organisation in the world that has conducted such a detailed analysis of their service. Following scrutiny of the analysis by the Trustees, the results are clear and compelling and indicate an opportunity to improve our service for every region in Wales. In line with the Charity’s mission to deliver lifesaving, advanced medical care to people across Wales, whenever and wherever they need it, Trustees have a duty to take the findings and recommendations seriously.

The Official Independent Communications Process Begins

The analysis has been conducted by the Charity’s medical partners the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) and includes independent modelling. Therefore, the engagement process is aligned with NHS governance and will be independently led by the Chief Ambulance Services Commissioner.

Like you, we have been keen for this official process to start and we are pleased to say that this has now begun. Please see the following link for more information. 

Service Development Proposal - Emergency Ambulance Services Committee (

This is a development for the whole of Wales, so, wherever you are in the country, please take some time to learn more, ask questions and share your thoughts via the official process.


The Charity – Recent Months and Moving Forward

When a very specific and limited piece of information relating to the analysis was leaked to the media, we made clear at the time that it was well in advance of the planned process of public communication that is about to begin.

We pride ourselves on our relationship with our supporters. In the period between the leak and the start of the official communications process, we have tried our very best to be open and responsive. Despite our limited resources as a charity, we have worked hard to respond to the comments and questions we have received bearing in mind where we were in the process.

To our supporters in Powys and North West Wales - due to the way that the information was released and the headlines it generated, the questions that we have seen are completely understandable. We know that you are as passionate about our charity as we are and the past two months have affected you as much as they have us.

Even during times when some people were calling into question our integrity, something which has deeply hurt everybody within our Charity, we have remained dignified and will continue to do so.

We have strong values. We are all passionate about our Charity. We can all look in the mirror every day knowing that everything we do is focused purely on delivering the best possible care for those who need us.

It has also been clear that there are misunderstandings about our service and how we currently operate. We have been working hard to address this and we will continue to do so via our website - WAA/EMRTS Service Analysis - Frequently Asked Questions | Welsh Air Ambulance Charitable Trust (

With the official independent process about to start, our charity will now redirect its full focus onto the vital work we undertake to maintain and grow our organisation which enables the existence of an air ambulance service that is so important for our country.

Once the Commissioner has published his report following the communications process, the Charity’s Trustees will review its content and consider the next steps.

Wales offers one of the best air ambulance medical services in Europe. We are used as an example of best practice by air ambulance operations across the world. We have achieved this together and it’s something we can all be proud of. We have attended well over 43,000 emergencies since our inception.

We have only been able to achieve this with your support and your trust.

Everything we have done, and every decision made, over the past 21 years has been with you at its heart. Over these two decades we hope, and we believe, that we have never let you down.

Whatever happens in the next two decades and beyond, this will always be the case.

We need your support to keep our helicopters in the sky and rapid response vehicles on the road.

Nevertheless, whether you support us or not, our commitment to you is unconditional.

We hope you never need our service but if ever you do, we are on standby 24/7 – wherever you are and whenever you need us.

Thank you.