Children's Wales Air Ambulance

It is our aim to serve the whole of Wales, including Wales' youngest patients.

The Children's Wales Air Ambulance is a specialist division of our charity, providing the expert care and transport required for paediatric and neonatal patients. Our fourth helicopter makes us the largest air ambulance in the UK and is used for providing a range of treatments for paediatric patients.

We help around 400 children and babies a year, either on emergency 999 missions or by using our dedicated transfer helicopter.

1. How long have you worked with Wales Air Ambulance?
I  joined the Wales Air Ambulance on 1st December 2020.
2. Have you always wanted to be a pilot?
I have not always wanted to be a pilot, in school I wanted to be a ship Captain.  I joined the Merchant Navy at age 16 and served for 5 years as  Deck Officer cadet and then as  Deck Officer, actually for a shipping company based her in Wales called Sir William Reardon Smith and Sons, sadly now defunct.  I left at age 22 to join the Royal Air Force as a pilot having seen a low level flypast of my ship in the Gulf of Mexico and deciding that that looked like fun!
3. What does it mean to you to fly for WAA?
Flying for the Wales Air Ambulance is a great honour for me as I get to continue to fly as a pilot and serve the community as best as I am able. Having flown Air Ambulances all over the UK it is great to settle down and get really involved in an organisation as great as the wales Air Ambulance.
4. If you weren't a pilot, what would you be?
If I was not a pilot I think I would probably be doing something with wood.  I enjoy wood working and I think I would have made a reasonable cabinet maker, with a little effort!
5. When and where did you do your training?
I was lucky enough to get my training for free in the Royal Air Force in which I served for 23 years.  I was trained initially in Yorkshire and then at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire before becoming a front line helicopter pilot.