This week (September 7-13) marks the National Air Ambulance Week. This is an opportunity to highlight the lifesaving service delivered by the Wales Air Ambulance.   

Throughout the week, we will share information about Wales Air Ambulance and hear from patients who have needed our service. Our Charity has on board its own specialised consultants, critical care practitioners, helicopter transfer practitioners and pilots, who ensure the safety and wellbeing of every patient is a top priority.  



We are asking you to support us ‘because every second counts’. There is no regular direct funding from the Government. You, the people of Wales, keep our helicopters flying. Without you, we wouldn’t have this lifesaving service. 

Your continued support saves the lives of Wales’ critically ill or injured when they are most in need.  

During Covid-19, like many charities, we have seen a significant decrease in donations due to shops being forced to close and bucket collections and events being cancelled. You can still help us from the comfort of your home by supporting us through these hard times. 

Air Ambulance Week is a chance for you to learn more about your Charity and how you can support us. Whether it be through joining our Lifesaving Lottery, becoming a volunteer, visiting our shops or cafe, fundraising, or making a donation, every ounce of support makes a difference. 

It is also an opportunity for us to say thank you for keeping us in the air. 


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