Children's Wales Air Ambulance

It is our aim to serve the whole of Wales, including Wales' youngest patients.

The Children's Wales Air Ambulance is a specialist division of our charity, providing the expert care and transport required for paediatric and neonatal patients. Our fourth helicopter makes us the largest air ambulance in the UK and is used for providing a range of treatments for paediatric patients.

We help around 400 children and babies a year, either on emergency 999 missions or by using our dedicated transfer helicopter.

1. How long have you worked with Wales Air Ambulance?

I've been with Wales AA since June 2020

2. Have you always wanted to be a pilot?


As a child I wanted to be an airline pilot, I was lucky enough to meet a north sea captain when I was 21. He convinced me to go for a trial flight in a helicopter and i've been hooked ever since.  

3. What does it mean to you to fly for WAA?


It's brilliant to work in an area of industry that operates with members at the peak of their potential, both in the medical and aviation portions. Being part of the team really is a privilege and there is a real sense of satisfaction when you hear about the positives we bring to peoples lives.

4. If you weren't a pilot, what would you be?


I've always enjoyed being practical for probably something along the lines of engineering

5. When are where did you do your training? Civilian or military?


I learnt to fly on the UK south coast with a small private school back in 2012, I moved on to work as a flight instructor and commercial pilot in single engine aircraft for a number of years doing regular trips around the UK and in particular Wales. In 2019 I decided to extend my license to fly larger aircraft and that brought me to Babcock and the Wales AA.