Everybody in Wales deserves equal access to emergency critical care, wherever they are, whenever they need us.

Since our inception in 2001, our vision has been to provide a 24-hour operation so we can help people day and night.

We currently run a 12-hour service (8am – 8pm) at a cost of £6.5 million a year. An additional £1.5 million every 12 months will allow us to deliver a 24/7 service suitable for the needs of Wales.

With your support, we can achieve this together and save many more lives.

Last winter and this winter, the ‘Twilight Critical Care Car’ has run over weekends between 2pm and 2am. It was introduced to help the increased demand for emergency care in South Wales during the pressurised winter months and includes the same emergency department-standard care as the daytime service.

One patient who benefited from the ‘Twilight Service’ is Ellie Harris.

Early in 2019, every parents’ nightmare became a reality for the Harris family when, following a seemingly normal winter cold, their 13-month old daughter Ellie was suddenly fighting for her life.

In the short time between the 999 call and the medics arriving at the Harris’ Abercarn home, Ellie had suffered two cardiac arrests.

The call came through just after 8pm when the existing 12-hour Wales Air Ambulance service finishes operating. Thankfully, the Twilight Car was in operation.

Learn more about Ellie's story here.

With your support, we can achieve this together and save many more lives.

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