It was supposed to be my day of glory. The day when two years of training paid off and I finally bagged the full Brutal endurance triathlon. Funny how plans can take a split-second twist.

After a great swim, I was enjoying the cycle. Even the ascent to Peny Pass felt relatively comfortable. Sucking on a chocolate gel pack at the top, I was raring for the descent. Head down, top gear, go!

And then I came round in Bangor hospital, soon followed by a helicopter dash to Stoke-in-Trent, courtesy of North Wales Air Ambulance The next few days are a confused hospital blur: a 12 hour operation, weird but very-real-to-me delirium and a monumental effort by family to deal with the horror of those days and by hospital staff to deal with the horror that was me trying to get out of care as fast as possible!

Never one to do things by half, I had crashed out of the race somewhere down Llanberis Pass, hitting something very hard and very fast… with my head. My helmet kept me alive, but my skull didn't fair too well. I managed to crack off a piece the size of saucer and hinge my left eye socket up and into my brain. The sweet scar across my forehead is permanent testimony my clash with Yr Wyddfa that September day.

Perhaps thanks to being "race ready" that September day, perhaps just luck, within 10 days I was back home. By January I was back at work, by summer I was up to 20km runs and even managed a few 100km cycles (swimming was banned for 12 months).

And come August 2019 – barring injuries or other freak accidents – I will be ready. It will be me versus the mountain again. Except this time I intend to win.

I am determined to create positives out of this awful experience, and am fundraising for North Wales Air Ambulance who got me to Stoke at double speed. I’ve set myself an ambitious target of £10,000; I have no idea how I will raise this amount, but every donation large or small, one off or regular will help me achieve this goal. Please give generously.

If my story strikes a chord or resonates with your own experience of life, please share it with others and ask them to be generous too. The Air Ambulance is an amazing service but entirely funded by charitable donations. And you never know when you might one day need it yourself.

Edwin Colyer