Absolutely not. We are not a target-driven organisation when it comes to missions attended. We just want to make sure that as many people are benefiting from our lifesaving service as equitably as possible – something we know you care about too. 

The collaboration between the Wales Air Ambulance Charity and EMRTS is founded on improving the outcomes of patients, and this has been proven in our recent service evaluation. This is the foundation of the current service analysis, in a bid to see more patients receiving the care they require, with more lives saved, and improved long-term outcomes for the people of Wales (i.e. an effective critical care response which facilitates faster recovery times and a better quality of life, long-term, for patients and their families). Continuing with the status quo would see poorer outcomes or deaths across Wales, in patients where we know we could have a positive impact. This includes rural areas, especially out of hours.