In 2010, Jon joined the Magpas Air Ambulance team as a HEMS doctor, building on earlier pre-hospital experience from motorsport medicine. During his time there he sat the DIMC and was appointed as the Trainee Representative on the Training and Standards Board at the RCS Ed. Jon worked with the Magpas until he joined EMRTS Cymru in 2017.

In 2013, Jon was appointed to the first approved PHEM training program, based in the East of England deanery. He spent one year working full-time in a pre-hospital setting and passed the FIMC at the end of this term. He established, and now leads, the PHEM National Training Day in Obstetrics and Neonates and has contributed to the FPHC consensus statements on this subject.

Jon was one of the founding committee members of the PHEM Trainees Association, holding the role of Assessment’s Representative to the IBTPHEM Examinations Committee. He currently examines the FIMC at the RCS Ed.

Jon spent six months working with GSA HEMS based in Sydney, Australia prior to completing his anaesthetic training. He now works as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and PHEM at Northampton General Hospital and EMRTS Cymru.

In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Jon is the PHEM Training Lead for the Dafen base, an Educational Supervisor for our PHEM trainees and hosted an IBTPHEM ‘Train the Trainers’ event in Wales.