Volunteer for Wales Air Ambulance

Our volunteers are an integral part of the Wales Air Ambulance; they provide additional knowledge, skills and ongoing help that supports the Charity across our functions, whether attending fundraising events in the community, helping in our shops or acting as Trustees.

We would not be able to provide our lifesaving services without our volunteers and we trust that you will enjoy your time with us in whatever capacity that you can help with.




"Our volunteers are the backbone and the heart of our Charity, they help us to achieve our goals and they are fundamental in raising the funds which enable us to save lives across Wales.

We are proud to work with a diverse team of volunteers who bring a range of skills and experience and who support us to carry out our vital work.

We hope that you will find your time with us to be enjoyable and rewarding, and that you will feel part of our committed team."



Volunteering is all about giving the gift of time – and that’s an amazing contribution to any charity.

Whether you volunteer in a shop, in the community or as a trustee, you will make a huge difference to every aspect of that charity.

So why choose Wales Air Ambulance?

We believe we’ve got the best volunteers around: an amazing band of brothers – and sisters – who help our lifesaving crews rescue patients at their greatest hour of need.

We also believe we have a unique offer for our volunteers.

See below, how we go the extra distance to ensure our volunteers are satisfied, informed and rewarded for their unique contribution of time.

Volunteer conference: Since 2023 we have held an annual conference dedicated to our volunteers. It provides up-to-date information about the charity, a chance to hear from our life-saving crews and patients and a fantastic chance to meet other volunteers.

Expenses: We believe no volunteer should be out of pocket as a result of their volunteering. We actively encourage volunteers to claim all legitimate expenses incurred during their volunteering.

Newsletter: We publish a quarterly newsletter dedicated to volunteers – updating them on all aspects of volunteering and the charity itself.

Get-togethers: Every volunteer is invited to get-togethers in June – to mark Volunteers’ Week – and in December – to celebrate the festive season. We also organise regional meetings, where volunteers can hear the latest charity updates and share information.

Long service awards: Every volunteer is valued, but we like to make a fuss of those who reach special milestones. We offer long service awards, certificates and small gifts in recognition of those landmark years.

Uniform: We offer a minimum of one branded polo shirt to all volunteers.

Future Flyers: We love to give something back – particularly to our younger volunteers. Our Future Flyers scheme offers help to volunteers who want to enter the workplace or attend a course.

These are just some of the advantages of volunteering with us. The greatest benefit, though, is the knowledge you may be helping to save someone’s life.